What Does It Mean To Trust God?

To trust God, like anything else in this faith walk, requires faith! How do I get faith? Where does faith come from? The Word states that faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. Romans 10:17 (NIV) In able to trust, you must’ve heard, in able to hear you must communicate and listen for his voice. Once he speaks, that’s where we have the golden moment to choose to believe and act, or not believe and miss out. The key to trusting God, is believing that God still speaks today. John 10:27 says, “my sheep know my voice, and they follow me.” I believe He does still speak today, and if you want to learn to trust, you must also learn to hear and recognize His voice like He promised you could. Trusting in what you hear the Spirit of God speaking, is the first step to trusting. Once he speaks and you hear, that should give you faith to believe and to act!

Acting without hearing the still small voice of God, is presumption. We are hoping that what we’re doing is God’s perfect will, but since we didn’t hear him, we don’t have the faith, or assurance to trust in him. For me personally, FAITH is HEARING GOD! But, faith without works is dead, so my actions must closely follow what I believe I’ve heard. Years ago, my three little girls would always want to go to a small local theme park called Lions Fun Park. They would ask me numerous times, and then wish, and hope and dream that they were going, but it wasn’t until they heard their father (me) SAY we’re going, did they finally KNOW we were going. They knew if they heard me speak it, they would have all the faith they needed, to begin preparing to have fun!
Remember, faith comes by hearing!

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