What About The Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and other Non-Christians?

American culture is so diverse, and made up of many religions from around the world. American businesses are an exact mirror image of this religious diversity. Employers have made enormous strides in accommodating every employee’s religious or non-religious preferences in recent years. As always, productivity and results are the driving factors in every business. Offering a corporate chaplain to all employees is the objective, and improving productivity and overall results is our goal too!

It doesn’t matter if an employee is Methodist or Muslim, Baptist or Buddhist to receive care from our chaplains. Every human soul is a priceless treasure, and when they find themselves in one of life’s toughest situations, they equally deserve high quality care, and a compassionate chaplain to be there for them. To know they have a friend who is willing to come along side of them, and walk with them through tough seasons, is always welcomed appreciated.

Corporate chaplains are on-site building relationships with all employees, not just the ones who happen to share a similar faith. They are not evangelists, they are servants and care givers for all employees. The chaplain acts as the company employee assistance program (EAP), and is available for all employees 24/7/365, via email, text, phone or any other means. Because we all know that happy employees are productive employees, and isn’t that what this is all about anyway?

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