The Watering Hole

There is a third place where wise men still gather,
to talk and to share and just sit and chatter.
Solve all the problems that come from the crowd,
in an hour or so as we debate them out loud.

Wisdom is found in this group so diverse,
a teacher, a preacher, a mentor, and worse,
a lawyer in whom we all can poke some fun at,
but a loyal and true friend that we all take our turn at.

Honesty, openness, candor and questions,
are many of the items that nab our discussions.
As we sit in the Shoppe and enjoy the menu,
We’re sharing our joys and prayers at the venue.

Reading the paper or describing a book,
harassing the ones who will take a look,
at the laptop or email with today’s technology,
or the cell phone that rings in the midst of theology.

Politics and religion offer heated debates,
as we share from our hearts and eloquently state,
our passions and pains from our lives often heard,
that perspective from others is a valuable word.

Yankees and Red Sox is just one more topic,
we often refer to till some make us stop it.
Our college athletics is another deep passion,
We’re proud of our orange and in love with our crimson.

When sickness occurs or tragedy rocks,
The first ones responding are our friends from the shoppe.
With compassion and grace and willing to serve,
understanding with life there will always be curves.

True friends are so few and priceless for sure,
But the ones that we value are the ones that endure.
As God up above allows our lives to connect,
we should enjoy all our friendships only he can direct.

So as we gather for coffee or bagel or lunch,
remember our maker may have a hunch,
of setting the table for more than we plan,
as the steps of our lives are controlled by his hand.

Boe Parrish

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