Life doesn’t always happen after business hours, many times “life” happens during the business day.

Employers have the rare opportunity to demonstrate how much they care for their employees. If you step up for your employees at that critical point of need, you will win their loyalty for life.

Corporate care offers services to assist you in employee care.

Studies have shown that for every dollar an organization invests in an on-site, care-giving program they receive nine dollars in return. Productivity increases of 14% and absenteeism decreases of 21% are just a couple of benefits of our services.

CCI currently offers four areas of client service.

Corporate Chaplaincy, Business Consulting, Executive Mentoring and Ministry Leader Support.

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Our Services

  • Corporate Chaplaincy : Corporate Chaplaincy is a highly relational, proactive, and on-site faith-based employee assistance…Read More
  • Business Consulting : Many businesses today have needs resulting from turnover, layoffs, manpower shortages, technology advances…Read More
  • Executive Mentoring : Most executives today face numerous challenges on virtually every aspect of their business and life. Personnel challenges…Read More
  • Ministry Leader Support : Recent studies show half of all pastors and ministry leaders are so discouraged that they would leave the ministry if they knew they could earn a living…Read More