One Enchanted Moment

Little did I realize as the day began,
a moment enchanted would be placed in my hand.
Damp and blustery and windy and cold,
it was a day to remember until I am old.

A few drops of rain gently beginning to fall,
gave no indication of the moment at all.
As rain turned to ice and ice into snow,
I felt in an instant, toward home I should go.

My thirty-year bride I cherish so much,
offered a walk through the snow with a delicate touch.
Her dream as a girl was to trudge through the woods,
as snow gently falling provided the hood.

Hand in hand we were walking enjoying the sights,
our two dogs on their leashes were pulling so tight.
Not a sound on our walk in the fresh fallen snow,
was evidenced from life as we continued our stroll.

Very grateful for life and all of the blessings,
came from our prayers as we walked and were thanking,
His Majesty for all of the splendor,
As onward we walked seeking more of His candor.

Praying and enjoying each step with my dear,
I realized at once something special is here.
His beauty surrounds us as we seek His direction,
for family and friends and issues we’re facing.

So rare is the time to walk in the snow,
to pray and to cherish and love as we go.
Every moment is priceless, not taken forgranted,
this time with my love had become so enchanted.

An hour of snow was filled with such beauty,
as quickly it came, in a moment was fleeting.
The memory deposited in my heart deep inside,
I will treasure forever, hand in hand with my bride.

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