Nancy’s Prayer

Nancy’s Prayer

By Boe Parrish


Word came today but there’s still little doubt

About elevated blood counts, and what all that’s about?

Some pains and some symptoms were evidenced within,

as doctors and nurses attended again.


Many weeks we were waiting as space opened up

for questions and testing and medical stuff.

So much information, so much to consider

where in the world would we find the right answers?


The only place we had learned to escape to

was the Father above who we’d always retreat to,

for guidance and wisdom and courage and grace,

as we turned to our Savior back down on our face.


More peace and more joy were found all around us

in spite of the journey now setting before us.

One day at a time is what we have learned

is what is required, with anxiety spurned.


His peace it now guides us through many decisions

as we trust and we pray through this difficult season.

Doing it right and telling our story

encouraging others all for God’s Glory.


Devoted and focused we cry out to God

for His presence and healing and bountiful love,

as others far worse in there medical state

have no hint of a Savior or their ultimate fate.


Oh God help us remember it’s not about us

as we move through this illness without making a fuss.

But using this challenge and seizing the day

we pray we will strengthen and nurture their faith.


Giving thanks in all things is what life’s all about

and walking through challenge without any doubt.

Trusting and serving and giving to THEM

Is what honors our Savior, it’s all about HIM.


Boe Parrish

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