Ministry Leader Support

Recent studies show half of all pastors and ministry leaders are so discouraged that they would leave the ministry if they knew they could earn a living. Facing struggles in areas like moral purity, interpersonal relationships, and issues in their marriages and families, ministry leaders need help today more than ever.

In light of these significant struggles, Corporate Care offers your chuch staff or ministry resources for their care and well-being. Corporate Care provides chaplains who connect with employees where they work so when struggles come their way, support is there. We want to help your staff become more effective as valued servants while bringing greater benefit to the workplace or church family.

“Isolation is a breeding ground for defeat and there is nowhere this is more evident than in vocational ministry. Pastors do need a pastor and no one understands this more than Jon Cook. His work is personal, professional and passionate. For the honor of God, the benefit of your family and the fruitfulness of your ministry, give Corporate Care a call.”

      Rev. James Robinson, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Durant, OK

“Pastors and church staff desperately need a safe place to share their innermost hurt, pain, and thoughts. The reality is that very few churches create a “speak freely” culture among their staff, therefore pastors and staff remain frustrated, hurt and bitter. Jon Cook has become a trusted friend and mentor over the past few years. Jon loves pastors and their families. I have never met a man more loving and passionate about speaking into pastor’s lives.”

      Rev. Chris Spradlin, Lead Pastor, Euzoa Chruch, Steamboat Springs, CO