If My People

American Flag Photo smallGrieved for my country as I kneel down tonight, our nation is torn by division and strife.
The pointing of fingers and shouting of blame, the beginning of violence and absence of shame.

Our leaders are filled with arrogance and pride, both parties unyielding as they line up their sides.
Not one leader has surfaced and offered us peace, with no one willing to bow to their knees.

Agendas must pause for a moment of prayer, and ask our great God for his guidance and care.
He said if you lack wisdom, to ask and receive, but instead of your presence we’ve asked You to leave.

Our prayers have been silenced across this great land, what once was so cherished has been governed and banned.
Life, once was valued and guarded as light, now it’s a choice between the left and the right.

Your laws and your statutes once adorned our great halls, no longer are welcomed or hang on our walls.
The children were taught that knowledge and truth were targets of life with His love as our fruit.

Gazing back over some fifty years, remembering when grace was always so near.
Cheating, and lying were breaking the rules, and those type of actions not allowed in our schools.

We’ve strayed from our virtues and standards so high, and forgotten our founders who gave up their lives.
The time has now come to bow on our knees, pleading forgiveness, for making You grieve.

Forsaking our God and his righteous decrees has left us adrift to do as we please.
Resistance has come as pride settled in, but grace for the humble as we turn of our sins.

Our God and our Father, Savior and King, help us allow you to touch everything.
Our government, our laws, our land and our people, from Wall Street to Main Street and inside our steeples.

We hunger dear Lord for your presence within, as we renew our commitment to serve you again.
Loving and serving and remembering the cross, let us never forget you always weighing the cost.

Restore our great land and the honor we’re needing, the values and virtues our founders were seeding.
They taught to their children and branded their hearts, let freedom ring loud, with me let it start!

So I’ll be the first to lay down my pride, and fall to my knees and look to the sky.
The answer and longings are held in His hand, turn back to our God and He’ll restore our great land!

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