HOPE by Boe Parrish

It’s sometimes hard to put into words,

This feeling of hope that moves me and stirs.

But the moment in life when we find that there is none,

Is like a cold winter’s day without the warmth of the sun.

Brought to me daily through a shared laugh or a smile,

As we journey through life again mile after mile.

To imagine our lives as we are trying to cope,

Ending a day thinking God there’s no hope.

Unexpected knocking that comes at the door,

No one’s expected as I travel the floor,

Fling open the door and adjusting my eyes,

Adversity delivered, and hope vaporized.

Through hurt and through sorrow, does hope often wane?

Struggling and striving we’ll work through our pain.

The challenge begins as hope disappears,

And the voices of doubt now ring in our ears.

Day after day as we move all around,

Surviving a again but not uttering a sound,

To folks walking by with smiles on their faces,

Busily headed to all of their places.

All seem so bliss as they’re walking past me,

Struggling with nothing and shouting with glee.

Alone and exhausted and stress on my face,

No friend I can turn to as I ponder my fate.

Clouds gather and darken and swirl to and fro,

As I ponder inside which direction I’ll go.

Without hope to survive or a friend by my side,

No one will notice if I exit and die.

As the decision is made in my heart,

A companion stops by and it gives me a start.

To dinner he asks and then to a movie,

Warmth came inside, and I found that it moved me.

Compassionate talk and a few minutes of time,

Is all that I needed to help clear my mind.

Some day he will know of the darkness he broke,

With his listening heart and words that he spoke.

Tomorrow will come with new strength from a friend,

As I cry out to God and I trust him again.

For one step at a time I’m changing my scope,

Thanking God up above for delivering HOPE.

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