God’s Purpose

Most people, when they realize that God has a purpose(s) for their life, want to do all they can to accomplish His purpose(s). It is very common for individuals to sit and wait for God to reveal his purpose for their lives; and before you know it a year, a decade or a lifetime slips by, and they’ve done nothing for God or his Kingdom. You see, it’s always easier to sit and be available, than to aggressively listen to the still small voice of God, and go out and do what he’s just communicated to you.

For many years I believed that the purpose of God was some position or destination to arrive at, and in recent years I’ve shifted my position on the purpose of God in my life. Today, as I have walked with God over forty years, I’ve discovered that he desires obedience more than sacrifice. Obedience to his voice who is always speaking, always directing, always correcting and always yearning to show me more of himself.

As I stated earlier, it is easier to sit and wait on the purpose of God to come, verses obeying the voice of God right NOW. God’s will and purpose for my life is to be so close to God every minute of everyday that we can hear his smallest whisper, and feel his breath as he whispers in our ear. His purpose is to have a deep, intimate, vibrant moment-by-moment relationship with us. He is a living God, and he yearns to walk with us in the cool of the day, and just like your best friend who knows everything about you, and you them, that is what our Lord Jesus desires with us.

The voice of God you learn to listen to, converse with and relate to, has so many little tasks for us to accomplish every day! The more we listen and obey and faithfully fulfill those tasks, the more he offers to us, and our responsibilities in his kingdom grows. You see, he loves relating with his children and blessing them. He meets all our needs, and he gives us our heart’s desire, if we’ll simply delight in him.

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