Forgiving others is the key to this walk,
As we travel through life, while sharing our talk,
Unforgiveness and bitterness are destroying our lives,
Has hardened our hearts and blinded our eyes.

The love was alive and so easily flowed,
Propelled us to new heights as He faithfully showed,
Secrets and treasures embedded in gold,
Through the Word that he left us, that was feeding our soul.

Reading and praying and loving the lost,
We were sharing the truth regardless of cost.
The pathway provided was filled with excitement,
As we grew in His love before the entrapment.

We were doing His will while serving others,
When an incident happened with one of the brothers.
Feelings were bruised and division occurred,
Many were hurt, but no forgiveness was heard.

Days quickly passed, and things seemed to be better,
But deep down inside our heart had turned bitter.
The love so alive that once flowed so freely,
Had vanished from within and no longer came easy.

More important than this the forgiveness we’ve learned,
Was conditional with all until our hearts they were turned.
To our brother who was wounded some time in the past,
We realized at once the damage we’d cast.

No time to waste as our heart ached to live,
Our brother we sought to heal and forgive.
No one had ever done more in the past,
To shape us and mold us as disciples so fast.

How could we possibly let this divide,
Cause so many to hurt and force them to pick sides.
But now we realize just how much it has hurt,
Our stubbornness and pride and being so curt.

The moment of truth now standing before us,
We all stood forgiving like singing a chorus.
Pride or ego or just being right,
No longer mattered, we have to unite.

Because we’re forgiven for all sins of the past,
If we do the same, our friendships will last.
Throughout all our days we will treasure the peace
We have deep within that forgiveness released.

Boe Parrish

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