Many companies throughout the world have adopted an EAP, for employees who find themselves in a crisis moment of their lives. For most, its an 800 number posted on a wall they can call. All of us will experience challenging seasons, if we live and work long enough on this planet. Some may face termination of a job, healthcare issues, death of a friend or family member, financial issues, depression or divorce. How they make it through those challenging times, greatly impacts their workplace performance and bottom line results.

Employers have a rare moment, to earn lifetime loyalty from their employees, if they step up and assist their employees at their greatest time of need. So many times, employers ignore their “most valuable asset” their employees, when they need it the most. Employees never forget the encouragement or assistance that has been made on their behalf, not now, not ever.

Traditional EAP’s certainly had a place in their day, but most are hopelessly outdated, expensive, under utilized and ineffective. Being offsite, seldom utilized and expensive, leaves this sixty five year old business model floundering and ineffective. It has been reduced to being a compliance step, rather than an expression of care and compassion.

Conversely, having access to on-site corporate chaplains, who develop relationships with every employee, who are deeply in touch with your team, and the heartbeat of your organization, is making huge impacts. This dynamic, 21st century EAP, is very relational, highly utilized, and cost effective. The program is literally utilized over 100 times more than traditional off-site programs are.

Over the past twenty-five years we’ve discovered there are two times in life when employees need you…and that is when they need you, and when they need you! We must be there when our most valuable assets need us. Remember, they don’t care how much we know, until they know how much how much we care!

Isn’t it time to move beyond compliance only, and truly care for our most valuable assets? Corporate Care…

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