Crossroad Decisions

It was a day like most other days before it. Nothing early in the day indicated she would be faced with the largest decision of her young life, a decision that would change the course of history. It would require her to lay down all of her aspirations and dreams for the future. It quiet possibly would end her pending engagement, ruin her reputation and end in scandal. Her family name would be shamed, and to ask her to place everything at risk for this single decision, was almost too much for this beautiful young teen to bear. Yet deep inside, she sensed the magnitude of the moment and agreed to place it all on the back burner for Him.

Her response was quick, decisive and in every way selfless. Her cheerful heart, servant attitude and willful obedience was astonishing to all who would hear of her strategic decision, and how she managed the results in the days, weeks and months ahead. It did make no small splash in her immediate sphere of influence, and extended far beyond what she had ever envisioned. The impact was astonishing and far reaching, and yet accomplished exactly what it was supposed to accomplish.

You see, one decision from an ordinary person, on an ordinary day, changed the course of human history. Mary, the mother of Jesus, laid down all of her earthly dreams, for a purpose and a God that was far greater than any dream she could’ve ever imagined. His purpose for our life is infinitely more important than ours is.

What decision will you make today that is whispered by the angelic hosts of heaven? Are you willing to lay everything down for the multigenerational plan of Almighty God? His plan for our life, is infinitely more important than anything we could possibly put together on our own.

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  1. i read your article and loave it so much ,thank you so much.

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