Corporate Chaplaincy

Corporate Chaplaincy is a highly relational, proactive, and on-site faith-based employee assistance program. Traditional EAP’s are non-relational, off-site crisis management. Corporate chaplains build relationships with employees and the employer, so when “life” happens, there is a true friend they can come to for support, encouragement and direction.

Corporate Chaplains are also tasked with developing extensive resources for employees like, attorneys, counselors, plumbers, car dealers, and funeral homes. Resources for divorce, addictions, gambling, grief and loss, depression, budgeting, family, teens, and children are always very helpful too. Desperate decisions rarely are wise decisions, so offering our clients options they may never have considered, helps provide them opportunities to make wiser decisions during the tough decisions of life.

The bottom line, we walk through life with your most valuable asset, your employees! They don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care. Employees face some very grave issues every day, and how employers respond to those employees during their greatest need is everything. Employers, who respond in a caring and compassionate way with proven resources, earn life-time loyalty from those employees.

Allow us show you how this powerful 21st century employee benefit transforms corporate cultures. Isn’t it time to move beyond compliance only, antiquated approach to employee care, to actually caring for your people? Now is the time to care…CORPORATE CARE!

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