OUR NATION by Boe Parrish

American Flag Photo small

Our nation, our heritage, our dreams and our lives,

Have been placed at risk by deception and lies.

Congress and Senate have a passionate vision,

That includes special interest and improving positions.


Much time and effort for funds being raised,

So getting reelected is filling their days.

No vision for us or the red white and blue.

Consumes any leader, so what do we do?


We search far and wide and look for a candidate,

With national vision and passion and mandate.

A man or a woman willing to do what it takes,

To change status quo and raise high the stakes.


Every American who loves this great nation,

Must get out and vote and help change direction.

This nation so blessed doesn’t belong to the few,

It’s our great nation for me and for you!


We stand at a crossroads again in our lives,

An election of great magnitude awaiting our eyes.

The choices are different as the day and the night,

Don’t sit and complain if you’re unwilling to fight.


Go door to door and encourage the vote,

For the candidate of your choice, get out of the boat.

Make a difference today with the work of your hands,

Our future is now for the sake of our land.


Citizens of honor placing their hands to the work,

Can make all the difference in spoiling the pork.

We all have a voice if we unite arm and arm,

In reminding the boys we’re sounding the alarm.


The waste has to stop and accountability rise,

We expect our leaders to work and be wise,

With every bill that flows through their doors,

We’re going to be watching; holding their feet to the floor.


United we stand and divided we fall,

It’s time for our Congress to answer the call.

Govern for action and stop all the games,

Enact the solutions and stop laying the blame.


Your people are weary and tired of the frozen,

Get American moving or we’ll find new chosen,

Representatives who are willing and able,

To address all the issues and get votes on the table.


The hour is short and the need never greater,

We’re anxiously watching for more than debaters.

Action is needed from one and from all,

Who has the courage to stand up and stand tall?


Our nation a jewel and priceless the worth,

We tire of the interests spreading their girth.

Dividing attention and neglecting the simple,

We’re ready for action…Thus saith the people!


Boe Parrish

Edmond, OK