One Enchanted Moment

Little did I realize as the day began,
a moment enchanted would be placed in my hand.
Damp and blustery and windy and cold,
it was a day to remember until I am old.

A few drops of rain gently beginning to fall,
gave no indication of the moment at all.
As rain turned to ice and ice into snow,
I felt in an instant, toward home I should go.

My thirty-year bride I cherish so much,
offered a walk through the snow with a delicate touch.
Her dream as a girl was to trudge through the woods,
as snow gently falling provided the hood.

Hand in hand we were walking enjoying the sights,
our two dogs on their leashes were pulling so tight.
Not a sound on our walk in the fresh fallen snow,
was evidenced from life as we continued our stroll.

Very grateful for life and all of the blessings,
came from our prayers as we walked and were thanking,
His Majesty for all of the splendor,
As onward we walked seeking more of His candor.

Praying and enjoying each step with my dear,
I realized at once something special is here.
His beauty surrounds us as we seek His direction,
for family and friends and issues we’re facing.

So rare is the time to walk in the snow,
to pray and to cherish and love as we go.
Every moment is priceless, not taken forgranted,
this time with my love had become so enchanted.

An hour of snow was filled with such beauty,
as quickly it came, in a moment was fleeting.
The memory deposited in my heart deep inside,
I will treasure forever, hand in hand with my bride.

If My People

American Flag Photo smallGrieved for my country as I kneel down tonight, our nation is torn by division and strife.
The pointing of fingers and shouting of blame, the beginning of violence and absence of shame.

Our leaders are filled with arrogance and pride, both parties unyielding as they line up their sides.
Not one leader has surfaced and offered us peace, with no one willing to bow to their knees.

Agendas must pause for a moment of prayer, and ask our great God for his guidance and care.
He said if you lack wisdom, to ask and receive, but instead of your presence we’ve asked You to leave.

Our prayers have been silenced across this great land, what once was so cherished has been governed and banned.
Life, once was valued and guarded as light, now it’s a choice between the left and the right.

Your laws and your statutes once adorned our great halls, no longer are welcomed or hang on our walls.
The children were taught that knowledge and truth were targets of life with His love as our fruit.

Gazing back over some fifty years, remembering when grace was always so near.
Cheating, and lying were breaking the rules, and those type of actions not allowed in our schools.

We’ve strayed from our virtues and standards so high, and forgotten our founders who gave up their lives.
The time has now come to bow on our knees, pleading forgiveness, for making You grieve.

Forsaking our God and his righteous decrees has left us adrift to do as we please.
Resistance has come as pride settled in, but grace for the humble as we turn of our sins.

Our God and our Father, Savior and King, help us allow you to touch everything.
Our government, our laws, our land and our people, from Wall Street to Main Street and inside our steeples.

We hunger dear Lord for your presence within, as we renew our commitment to serve you again.
Loving and serving and remembering the cross, let us never forget you always weighing the cost.

Restore our great land and the honor we’re needing, the values and virtues our founders were seeding.
They taught to their children and branded their hearts, let freedom ring loud, with me let it start!

So I’ll be the first to lay down my pride, and fall to my knees and look to the sky.
The answer and longings are held in His hand, turn back to our God and He’ll restore our great land!

The Watering Hole

There is a third place where wise men still gather,
to talk and to share and just sit and chatter.
Solve all the problems that come from the crowd,
in an hour or so as we debate them out loud.

Wisdom is found in this group so diverse,
a teacher, a preacher, a mentor, and worse,
a lawyer in whom we all can poke some fun at,
but a loyal and true friend that we all take our turn at.

Honesty, openness, candor and questions,
are many of the items that nab our discussions.
As we sit in the Shoppe and enjoy the menu,
We’re sharing our joys and prayers at the venue.

Reading the paper or describing a book,
harassing the ones who will take a look,
at the laptop or email with today’s technology,
or the cell phone that rings in the midst of theology.

Politics and religion offer heated debates,
as we share from our hearts and eloquently state,
our passions and pains from our lives often heard,
that perspective from others is a valuable word.

Yankees and Red Sox is just one more topic,
we often refer to till some make us stop it.
Our college athletics is another deep passion,
We’re proud of our orange and in love with our crimson.

When sickness occurs or tragedy rocks,
The first ones responding are our friends from the shoppe.
With compassion and grace and willing to serve,
understanding with life there will always be curves.

True friends are so few and priceless for sure,
But the ones that we value are the ones that endure.
As God up above allows our lives to connect,
we should enjoy all our friendships only he can direct.

So as we gather for coffee or bagel or lunch,
remember our maker may have a hunch,
of setting the table for more than we plan,
as the steps of our lives are controlled by his hand.

Boe Parrish

Nancy’s Prayer

Nancy’s Prayer

By Boe Parrish


Word came today but there’s still little doubt

About elevated blood counts, and what all that’s about?

Some pains and some symptoms were evidenced within,

as doctors and nurses attended again.


Many weeks we were waiting as space opened up

for questions and testing and medical stuff.

So much information, so much to consider

where in the world would we find the right answers?


The only place we had learned to escape to

was the Father above who we’d always retreat to,

for guidance and wisdom and courage and grace,

as we turned to our Savior back down on our face.


More peace and more joy were found all around us

in spite of the journey now setting before us.

One day at a time is what we have learned

is what is required, with anxiety spurned.


His peace it now guides us through many decisions

as we trust and we pray through this difficult season.

Doing it right and telling our story

encouraging others all for God’s Glory.


Devoted and focused we cry out to God

for His presence and healing and bountiful love,

as others far worse in there medical state

have no hint of a Savior or their ultimate fate.


Oh God help us remember it’s not about us

as we move through this illness without making a fuss.

But using this challenge and seizing the day

we pray we will strengthen and nurture their faith.


Giving thanks in all things is what life’s all about

and walking through challenge without any doubt.

Trusting and serving and giving to THEM

Is what honors our Savior, it’s all about HIM.


Boe Parrish

Walking With God

By Boe Parrish

Beginning this journey some thirty-five years past,

With a prayer of faith most said wouldn’t last.

More peace and more challenge than I’d ever known,

But reading and praying I had steadily grown.

Now His Truth deep inside and guiding my choices,

He gave me daily assignments as I trust in His voice.

My life serving others, who are hurting and lost,

Is the model He left us regardless of cost.

To connect at their need no value is greater,

Their heart you’ll soon win as they discover the Savior.

The words have been few as I’ve lived out my walk,

Compassion in action I’ve allowed it to talk.

The lost as my target I know where to go,

Anyplace where they gather and my Savior I’ll show.

Walking among them so slowly at first,

Listening and serving and developing their thirst.

Affording many a man a glance of a Christian,

That’s living and serving and sitting to listen.

It’s not what we know that will change a man’s life,

But letting them know that they matter…their hurt and their strife.

You see walking with God day by day always changes,

Among the lost and the hurting and all of the strangers.

Staying in touch with God up above,

Receiving direction and being refueled by his love.

It’s so easy to do as we move all about,

Unless we skip our devotion and our love all runs out.

Then we’ll struggle and strain with our own strength we’ll strive,

And notice no difference with the hurt in their eyes.

Walking with God many mistakes have I made?

But growing and learning the foundation was laid.

And over the years as lives intertwine,

God’s purpose fulfilled with His life and mine.

The journey’s been worth it as I look at the fruit,

The lives that were changed, giving Satan the boot.

A fish out of water; some days I felt odd,

But I treasure my time I’ve spent walking with God.

Boe Parrish


Forgiving others is the key to this walk,
As we travel through life, while sharing our talk,
Unforgiveness and bitterness are destroying our lives,
Has hardened our hearts and blinded our eyes.

The love was alive and so easily flowed,
Propelled us to new heights as He faithfully showed,
Secrets and treasures embedded in gold,
Through the Word that he left us, that was feeding our soul.

Reading and praying and loving the lost,
We were sharing the truth regardless of cost.
The pathway provided was filled with excitement,
As we grew in His love before the entrapment.

We were doing His will while serving others,
When an incident happened with one of the brothers.
Feelings were bruised and division occurred,
Many were hurt, but no forgiveness was heard.

Days quickly passed, and things seemed to be better,
But deep down inside our heart had turned bitter.
The love so alive that once flowed so freely,
Had vanished from within and no longer came easy.

More important than this the forgiveness we’ve learned,
Was conditional with all until our hearts they were turned.
To our brother who was wounded some time in the past,
We realized at once the damage we’d cast.

No time to waste as our heart ached to live,
Our brother we sought to heal and forgive.
No one had ever done more in the past,
To shape us and mold us as disciples so fast.

How could we possibly let this divide,
Cause so many to hurt and force them to pick sides.
But now we realize just how much it has hurt,
Our stubbornness and pride and being so curt.

The moment of truth now standing before us,
We all stood forgiving like singing a chorus.
Pride or ego or just being right,
No longer mattered, we have to unite.

Because we’re forgiven for all sins of the past,
If we do the same, our friendships will last.
Throughout all our days we will treasure the peace
We have deep within that forgiveness released.

Boe Parrish

OUR NATION by Boe Parrish

American Flag Photo small

Our nation, our heritage, our dreams and our lives,

Have been placed at risk by deception and lies.

Congress and Senate have a passionate vision,

That includes special interest and improving positions.


Much time and effort for funds being raised,

So getting reelected is filling their days.

No vision for us or the red white and blue.

Consumes any leader, so what do we do?


We search far and wide and look for a candidate,

With national vision and passion and mandate.

A man or a woman willing to do what it takes,

To change status quo and raise high the stakes.


Every American who loves this great nation,

Must get out and vote and help change direction.

This nation so blessed doesn’t belong to the few,

It’s our great nation for me and for you!


We stand at a crossroads again in our lives,

An election of great magnitude awaiting our eyes.

The choices are different as the day and the night,

Don’t sit and complain if you’re unwilling to fight.


Go door to door and encourage the vote,

For the candidate of your choice, get out of the boat.

Make a difference today with the work of your hands,

Our future is now for the sake of our land.


Citizens of honor placing their hands to the work,

Can make all the difference in spoiling the pork.

We all have a voice if we unite arm and arm,

In reminding the boys we’re sounding the alarm.


The waste has to stop and accountability rise,

We expect our leaders to work and be wise,

With every bill that flows through their doors,

We’re going to be watching; holding their feet to the floor.


United we stand and divided we fall,

It’s time for our Congress to answer the call.

Govern for action and stop all the games,

Enact the solutions and stop laying the blame.


Your people are weary and tired of the frozen,

Get American moving or we’ll find new chosen,

Representatives who are willing and able,

To address all the issues and get votes on the table.


The hour is short and the need never greater,

We’re anxiously watching for more than debaters.

Action is needed from one and from all,

Who has the courage to stand up and stand tall?


Our nation a jewel and priceless the worth,

We tire of the interests spreading their girth.

Dividing attention and neglecting the simple,

We’re ready for action…Thus saith the people!


Boe Parrish

Edmond, OK