Being Resourceful

How many times a day do you have people requesting a meeting with you, because they heard you were the guy to go to for…? Go ahead and fill in the blank. If people come to you for advice, direction, counsel, encouragement or expertise, you have learned something extra about the topic they’re seeking you out about. It’s been said, if a person invests one hour a day for sixty months, they will become an expert at the item they’re investing their time into. So I’ll ask you, what are you an expert at? Where have you poured your passion, time, and research? When was the last time you were invited to the leadership meeting of one of your clients, just to gain your insights, wisdom and perspective? Being invited to someone else’s table, when what is being discussed has nothing to do with your product offering, is the crowning compliment to any person. It demonstrates that you’re not in the game just for yourself any longer, but you exist for other’s dreams too!

Whether you’re in sales, service, academics, manufacturing, or banking, one of your goals should be, becoming a resource for others around you. I have recently discovered that having others coming to you with questions they can’t get answered, problems they can’t get solved, or jobs they can’t find, adds immeasurable value to you, your relationship, and your company as you become the resource guy. Follow your passions, and become an expert at something, the marketplace needs what you’ve learned over your career, and lives are waiting to be changed because of your knowledge, information and your inspiration. Decide today to become a resource guy, and watch the paradigm of your world make the most drastic shift you’ve ever experienced. Be resourceful!

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