USA Today article talks about Corporate Chaplaincy and how Boe Parrish and Corporate Care helped build a thriving business. Here’s a preview:

"We've grown our business by basically giving away franchises," said Parrish, a former executive with Sprint Communications who runs Corporate Care in Edmond, Okla. "We don't exactly want competition right here in Oklahoma, but anywhere else in the country is fantastic. We want the concept to grow — not because it's our business. It's the Lord's business. Nate can use all our materials and resources and he doesn't pay us a cent, unless he should outsource some business to us in Oklahoma."

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The Edmond Outlook Newspaper featured an article about Corporate Care entitled “Taking Church to Work.

The motto of Corporate Care is “Your people – our passion.” They care for roughly 20,000 individuals and 2,000 companies across the nation and around the world. Throughout the week, chaplains from Corporate Care meet with Human Resources representatives, department heads and individuals. They invest themselves in the lives of people, finding out who’s sick, and finding those is in need of assistance, or those that simply need to talk. The employees are very receptive to the chaplain’s presence. In fact, they welcome it. What drives these chaplains? Parrish said simply, “we care.”

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The Oklahoman wrote a fantastic article about Corporate Care. Read a portion of the story:

"Life happens, and it is hard to leave a lot of that stuff at the house when you go to work,” Parrish, Corporate Care president said. "These are problems companies need to be prepared to help their employees deal with, because they often can affect productivity.”

Corporate Chaplaincy goes above and beyond other types of employee assistance programs where employees are provided a card with an 800 number that no one calls unless they are threatened with the loss of their jobs.

The chaplains are there to help the company help its employees — not to convert them.

"We are chaplains, not evangelists. We go to serve, not to convert,”

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Corporate Care offers support for Employees and Companies

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Corporate Chaplaincy
Corporate Care, Inc.
•Founded: 1987.
•Address: 1718 S Kelly, Edmond.
•Web address:
By Jack Money
Business Writer

Life happens — even at work. The saying is true in all lines of work — including the oil patch. For that reason, Corporate Care shared a table with another faith-based organization at a recent oil and gas trade exposition.

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Including a Corporate Chaplain in Your Toolbox

by Kent Humphreys

Every Christian CEO or business owner needs a tool box to use as he or she leads their company for Jesus Christ. Some of these tools may be bibles, tracts, booklets, cards, grief kits, or character training materials. I believe that one of the primary tools that are needed in every CEO’s tool box is a corporate chaplain program. In our distribution firm that operated across the country, we used a corporate chaplain service for 17 years. Hundreds of lives were affected by that service to our employees. I now have a minority interest in a manufacturing firm, and we recently hired a chaplain service. Within the first few weeks one of the employees lost his mom. He had no church home, no one to turn to, and no one to do the funeral grave side service.

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