About Us
Encouraging employees with listening ears, compassionate hearts, and faithful hands.

It all began in the fall of 1987 when Scott Lewis a dear friend came to me asking me if I knew what a corporate chaplain was? Scott was in a ministry transition, and a mutual friend had asked him if he would consider coming into his company and serve as a corporate chaplain? I informed him I had never heard of a corporate chaplain, but if it is an individual who chaplains in the marketplace and helping employees with “life” issues, I love the idea.

We incorporated the business in the fall of 1987 and for many years grew the business by adding clients from North Carolina to Colorado and from Minnesota to south Texas. God was blessing our efforts as he was very passionate about the masses of people in the marketplace of the world. In 2005 Scott transitioned again but this time he transitioned to heaven.

In January 2006 the company was re branded and reinvented. My long-time college friend Jon Cook, joined with me in redefining Corporate Care and we were off to the races. We’ve added numerous new clients throughout Oklahoma and beyond. We have traveled all the way to China with our vision for Corporate Care and corporate chaplaincy. There we communicated to men and women with a heart for employees throughout mainland China.

God continues to open doors we could never have dreamed of just a few months ago. Our desire is to continue to follow God’s leadership in caring for employees and employers, while equipping men and women all over the world to serve business owners and employees with the highest level of integrity and confidentiality.

Boe Parrish, President/Co Founder
February 2008